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Living continually on a diet of junk food injures human health. We all know that. But for some reason, we don’t seem to apply the same logic when it comes to feeding our pet carnivores - dogs, cats and ferrets.  
Our domestic pets thrive on a natural diet of raw meat and bone - as did their ancestors. Although man has changed them externally, internally our carnivorous pets are the same as the Grey Wolf, the African Wild Cat and the European Pole Cat. Like their ancestors, our domestic carnivores are designed from nose to tail tip to eat, digest and thrive on a diet of either whole herbivorous prey or parts thereof i.e. raw meaty bones or perhaps raw meaty body parts paints a clearer picture - not bare meatless bones.  
On the pages of this web site we hope to show you WHY it’s seemingly accepted that our carnivorous pets should exist on a permanent diet of processed food. WHY the majority of pet owners are unaware of the potential harm that can cause.....and WHY few vets will talk about a more natural and appropriate diet for pet carnivores.  
Whether you are young or old, a pet owner, teacher, researcher, journalist or anyone who hopes for a better world for our pets, then this site’s for you.  
Our main aim is to give pet owners the information they need to make up their minds to change their pets over to a more natural diet and subsequently to provide them with support and advice whilst they make the transition.  
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Dr Lonsdale’s books, Raw Meaty Bones and Work Wonders are available to buy in e-book, or hard copy from www.rawmeatybones.com  
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